As We Know that Pakistan is country with one of diverse culture and traditions and every area have its own traditional products which are the identity of them and their culture and Pakistan traditional products are most demanded and highly exported products globally and their annual revenue is in Billion Rs .

As the western culture is Penetrating in our society so a decline is coming in our usage and export of our traditional products and people are forgetting it day by day . So to revive our lost and declining culture of Pakistan so I came up with an idea of the Ficus one-stop-shop E-commerce platform for all traditional and cultural products of Pakistan which could be placed where

“Culture and Fashion” comes together with new trends.
It will be a place where you can embrace your self with your traditions according to the most fabulous trends.Those days are gone when u used to crave for ur traditional fashion if you are looking for all kind of traditional products, footwear, and fashion then Ficus is a one-stop-shop for you .

It have a huge range of varieties of traditional products for Men, Women, and Kids. Now you can represent your own Culture, Style in most beautifully designed and artistically crafted traditional cultural products. No matter what u need Ficus ill deliver it to your doorsteps.Ficus offer our customer a wide range of varieties for traditional products and footwear’s


1) Footwear: Bannu Chappals, Peshawari Chappals, Baluchi Chappals, Punjabi Khusas

2) Wasit coats: Pashtun Waistcoats, Baluchi waistcoats, Sindhi Waist Coats, Punjabi Waistcoats. 

3) Traditional Caps : Pashtune Pakool , Sindhi Cap , Punjabi , Baluchi .

4) Traditional jewellery.

5) Traditional Embroidered bridal and cultural dresses. So Ficus is a one-stop-shop where culture and fashion come together with new trends.


 Delivery policy.


1) Our product I’ll be delivered free to ur doors step in 4-5 working days after confirmation of your order. In exceptional condition, if the product gets late one or two days so please kindly cooperate.

2) We are providing a Money back guarantee of product in the next two days of receiving your product no other then that product ill be compensated.

3) We ‘ll refund the money to our customers in case if the size doesn’t match if they don’t like the design they have changed their mode. So they can send us back the product with the packaging in good condition the delivery charges they have to pay by themselves to deliver the product to us.

4) If they want to replace the product with the new size we I’ll replace and send it back but if they want to Refund their money we I’ll deduct our delivery charges and refund your money in 2-3 working days after getting back the product.